Lirik Lagu Billfold - Memory Of Mine

watching the clock counting down the hours
just stare out the window sit and look at the street light
the trees dancing and just ask myself
i've thrown my voice out at more than one little
trying to make that smiley face stick where the lips split
on this road trip
kord lagu billfold, brave, keluarnya angga dari billfold, kord memory of mine, gania billfold
wheels and singing hills join in the chors
just close my eyes and the memories take me home
didn't think it would be this hard
look happy or i will ruin all the fun
throw my hands in the air and every wind
that blows and windows down chillin with a song

oh...another day another round
and the days gone by
listen closer to this song
just a memory of mine
and the days gone by

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