Lirik Lagu Billfold - Snake In The Grass

deaf to bullshit, blind to fake shit
stop wasting your time on people who dont deserve
to be an issue in your life
i only talk this shit about people that are full of shit
i dont talk this shit and pretend to be a friend
becareful on who you let in your circle
it was a life lesson to never trust anybody around you
kord lagu billfold, brave, keluarnya angga dari billfold, kord snake in the grass, gania billfold


rather a real enemy than a fake friend
rather know for sure than be mistaken
why dont you just enjoy life and where it brings you

forget your fake and the bullshit, time to move on!

i dont need
someone like that in my life
who just gonna stab me in the back
and be a fake friend
i'm better than that!


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